Cabbagetown racing champ Ari Korkodilos Needs help!

Everybody knows about the tortoise and the hare and how that race turned out. Now our Parliament St. neighbourhood has a new folktale plot: Cabbagetown boy starts racing late, quickly takes the lead, and can’t stop winning. Forget the tortoise!

Ari Korkodilos began racing at age 13 with kids who had started five years earlier. This Cabbagetown jackrabbit’s natural talent, instincts, and driving control overcame the late start.

He finished 4th at the Canadian Karting Nationals in August 2019. F1 champ and Indy 500 winner Emerson Fittipaldi saw that race and couldn’t believe Ari had been racing for only 4 months. The Brazilian champ found him after the race and personally told him so.

In September 2020, Ari won the Canadian Open in Tremblant that featured the largest field in history.

This year, Ari moved up to the tough Briggs Senior class and is point leader at Mosport Karting Centre. He has also been invited to test-drive an F4 race car in Germany in October, a rare invitation.

A winning kart driver needs more than four wheels to cross the finish line.  He needs sponsorship. For Ari to continue this year and to participate in Germany in October will take individual and corporate sponsors. You can help.

Cabbagetown needs to support one of their own. Talk to his manager and father by writing  For more information, links to videos, and to be part of the winning team sponsoring Ari to a future F1 championship, go to Ari’s website,

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