So you want to run for a spot on city council do you??

Contributed by Peter Lovering, Former Candidate for City Council in Ward 11 University-Rosedale. I did, and quite frankly, running was a great deal of fun. I knew I was in tough and I loved every minute of it. There are, of course,  a few things I would do differently. But as an independent, you realise very […]



“We can do better” – Candidate for City Councillor Ward 13 – Toronto – Center Caroline Murphy In September, I wrote about why I was running to be your City Councillor for Ward 13 and since then, I have been out in our communities listening.  What I have heard is clear, we must and can do […]

Making city elections more interesting

I am running for city council in ward 11, and I have noticed dozens of things that can be done to make elections more fair and equitable. In Ward 11, we don’t have an incumbent; however, like most wards, there are 70,000 plus voters. How do we reach them all? How does the city create […]

Why Not Pete Lovering?


Contributed by Pete Lovering , PSN Publisher and now officially a politician. Although many people have suggested I run in the Toronto Centre over the years, I have decided to throw my hat in the ring in Ward 11, University Rosedale. Get ready #unirose for a new political approach. As it turns out, I have more […]

Your Voice Matters Local solutions…not soundbites


Opinion – Contributed by Caroline Murphy. Toronto is my home—it has been since immigrating from Ireland in the mid-1990s, and  I’ve spent the better part of 27 years living and working in Ward 13. Why did I stay?  Because the community welcomed me with open arms and gave me the opportunity to work, grow professionally, own […]


Conciliabule Berkeley1

Cabbagetown is a neighbourhood of beauty, heritage, cultural diversity and inclusion. We are Anita Bostok and Norman Hathaway and we’re proud to contribute this regular feature where you get to know the people and businesses that make Cabbagetown so special. If you’d like to be featured or would like to nominate someone please get in touch. […]

MPP Job Description

Contributed by George Smitherman, MPP representing Toronto Centre – Rosedale, Toronto Centre in the 34th, 35th and 36th Parliament (1999-2010) Position: Member of the Ontario Legislature Employer: Legislative Assembly of Ontario Position Rank: 1 of 124 “Seats” in the Legislature MPP Compensation:     $ 116, 550 (unchanged 2010!) (Less than Toronto City Councillors and […]

Provincial Election numbers?


Contributed by Pstreet News. The provincial election is fast upon us, and there is a great battle between the Liberals and the up and coming NDP. With Suze Morrison stepping aside for Kristyn Wong-Tam. Up until the last election, this riding has almost always been Liberal. The liberals in Ontario got badly beaten, as we […]