The souls of the departed and ghost of Cabbagetown Christmas past


The souls of the departed and ghost of Christmas past don’t just cease to exist. Their ectoplasm still gather amongst the homes and commercial establishments of Cabbagetown. They still convene in the early hours at the chapel of Prospect cemetery. Maybe our lives never really disappear despite our limited days on earth. Maybe the energy […]

Will Our Small Businesses Survive?


Contributed by Anita Bostok. As Cabbagetown residents, we know full well the advantages of downtown living. We walk down the street, and everything we need is at our fingertips. But we can’t take it for granted that this will always be the case. Since the pandemic, merchants have endured repeated, forced lockdowns. Now they’re faced […]

Should I Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?


Contributed by: Tony Lafazanis – Cabbagetown Personal Injury Lawyer If you’ve found yourself asking this question, you are likely in a situation where you could benefit from speaking with a personal injury lawyer. This blog post will address some possible fears about hiring a lawyer, as well as looking at the benefits. The answer to […]



“We can do better” – Candidate for City Councillor Ward 13 – Toronto – Center Caroline Murphy In September, I wrote about why I was running to be your City Councillor for Ward 13 and since then, I have been out in our communities listening.  What I have heard is clear, we must and can do […]

mysteries to discover within the walls of this unexpected art sanctuary


“I have gone past this building so many times but never tried the door until now,” exclaim college students walking into Gallery Arcturus, in a state of mild shock at the abundance of colour and unexpected artworks visible in the first room they see. For them it’s as if a four-storey art museum suddenly and […]

Gallery Arcturus Cover


Ed Drass is a former writer for daily newspapers who now acts as guide for   visitors to Gallery Arcturus, a not-for-profit contemporary art exhibition centre funded and operated by The Foundation for the Study of Objective Art, a private charity. Note on accessibility: This heritage structure requires the use of stairs to access the […]

Fall Find – Rogers & Company


Contributed by David Lavictoire, Brand Associate, Rogers & Company  The days might be starting to shorten, but it’s still too early to break out the parkas! Celebrate the end of summer with these two wines, available September 10 at the LCBO. Chateau Camplong Grande Reserve 2020 Chateau Camplong is a co-operative winery located in Corbières, Languedoc, one […]