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We always need articles.

Anybody and everybody is welcome to contribute an article. We depend on individuals, business and organization to share thier  stories with the community. You are allowed to say whatever you like. We have one rule and that is: you are not allowed to say anything bad about anybody else. While this may seem counter intuitive to modern publishing it is exactly why the Paper works.

You get to share a story that is of interest to you with your neighbours. Of course because of such great content we are able to go out to our advertisers and ask them to support our paper. If you would like to know about our advertising rates please check out our advertising page.

All articles should be about 150 words to 200 words. Images are welcome and we ask for decent quality images and not images from facebook etc. If you would like to get added to the Parliament Street News – Newsletter please  fill out the sign up form below. We will send out a call for content about one month prior to release of each issue.


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