Children and youth come to Dixon Hall every day

Children and youth come to Dixon Hall every day looking for guidance. They want to feel their life matters, and because of our community of generous supporters, our staff can provide the resources and support the kids need; their story can be changed.

Manny came to Dixon Hall when he was just nine years old. Kenneth Slater, who has been with Dixon for more than 20 years, noticed him hanging out, and as with all children and youth in the community, he invited Manny into the centre.


Over the next nine years, Dixon Hall became Manny’s second home, as his dream to play professional basketball began to take shape. Kenneth, who runs the basketball program, said, “When he’s focussed on one thing, he can’t see anything else.”

With the support he received from friends and staff at Dixon Hall, Manny knew anything was possible. His dream became a reality when he first signed a 2-way contract with FMP and Red Star (Crvena Zvezda), a professional team in Serbia,  and represented the Canadian Men’s National Basketball Team multiple times, where he helped his team achieve a silver medal at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

“When I was growing up, a lot of the kids in Regent had potential, were super smart, had more talent than I did, but Sandra and Kenneth taught me to be wise with the spaces I put myself in. Dixon Hall changed my life.”

If you would like to support Dixon Hall’s programs so other children and youth, like Manny, can have a space to grow, explore themselves and have access to future opportunities

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