The CAN Fund #150Women – BE EPIC

Jane was a promising track athlete before a devastating car accident ended her athletic career. Jane turned this traumatic life lesson into supporting athletes on their journey to be the best in the world by starting CAN Fund (Canadian Athletes Now Fund), a not-for profit organization.
“I believe people need to see excellence to believe it is possible in their own lives, and our athletes show us excellence. I wanted to create a personal and impactful way Canadians could be part of each athlete’s journey by finding out exactly which athletes they are supporting. I wanted to show our athletes that wearing the maple leaf, which so few people get the privilege to do, matters to Canadians by having our donors invest in them when the support is needed the most; the years leading up to the Games.”

– Jane Roos, CAN Fund Founder
CAN Fund was established to fill the significant financial gap the majority of athletes are faced with. Every 2 years, an entire nation comes together to cheer for our Canadian athletes! What most Canadians do not know is these athletes go into debt to compete. CAN Fund exists to engage Canadians to be part of the athlete’s journey when the support is needed the most; the years when no one is watching or cheering but when athletes are trying to qualify for the Games and World Championships. Athletes who apply to CAN Fund are eligible for $12,000 per year.


When you become a CAN Fund #150Women, you find out the name of the female athlete supported and receive a tax receipt.
The CAN Fund #150Women mantra is BE EPIC! Love yourself, be brave, take risks to get what you want in life, and empower women around you to follow your lead.

  • CAN Fund #150Women is a network of exceptional women coast-to-coast dedicated to supporting and celebrating our elite female Canadian athletes.
  • CAN Fund #150Women members imagine a world where we all improve each other’s lives by sharing knowledge, passions, networks and building a community of purpose.
  • Our CAN Fund #150Women members range from 18-82.
  • “The Games are so much more than 2 weeks, it’s the YEARS that go into it and without your support I don’t know what we do.”



To date CAN Fund #150Women has funded 314 female athletes

  • 850 athletes applied to CAN Fund and 60% of these applicants are female
  • A growing network of over 1000 exceptional women members coast to coast
  • A snapshot taken from the CAN Fund Athlete Application sharing athlete expenses
  • Annual equipment costs for a cyclist applying to CAN Fund (average: $4,202)
  • Annual food-nutrition costs for a swimmer applying to CAN Fund (average: $5,198)
  • Annual coaching or club fee costs for a gymnast applying to CAN Fund (average: $7,719)
  • Annual accommodation expenses of a beach volleyball player applying to CAN Fund (average: $3,981)
  • Annual travel expenses of a track and field athlete applying to CAN Fund (average: $3,098)
  • Annual team fee for alpine skier applying to CAN Fund (average: $20,000)

Contact Us: 416-487-4442 | 1-866-937-2012 | |

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