The Cabbagetown Neighbourhood Review’s 10th Year

We often like to identify the odd things in the neighbourhood that some may not have noticed. We wrote articles on the family behind the Winchester Hotel, The mural by Artist Ryan Dineen, street artist on Gerrard etc… So now it seems only fitting to mention the Cabbagetown Neighbourhood Review’s tenth year!!.

We have reached out to the  review in the past to do a feature on it’s creator. However, he has always gracefully declined the offer. It’s funny this local journalist/blogger is happy to talk to you for an hour on the street but not in an interview. I like his style, and I don’t blame him either; he is likely too damn busy making sure we are all kept up to date. At the time of this printing, The Cabbagetown Review will have published (in its tenth year) a whopping 480 online editions with well over 1.8 million page views. Barely missing a week each year to keep everyone well informed of all the good, and some bad, but mostly good, in the neighbourhood.

Way to go Cabbagetown Neighbourhood Review (aka Doug Fisher)! Keep up the great work, and thank you.

If you are not a subscriber to the Cabbagetown Neighbourhood Review, you should be. You can or email to get added to the list

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