Fall Edition of PSN

Parliament Street news coverHello worthy readers.

If you are reading this, you get the point. The whole premise of the Parliament Street News is to give anybody and everybody the chance to share a story. In the ever fractured concept of community, the idea of a local paper with almost no editorial bias is unheard of. Sometimes we get more articles and cut images, sometimes we get less and have to make pictures bigger. One thing has been true for over ten years, you never quite know what you will get in every edition of the PSN.

In this issue, we have some great stuff from the Gallery Arcturus, The Bridge Newspaper, astrological items, Cabbagetownpeople.ca, the BIA, live theatre, logging, opinion and more. Be sure to share articles let the advertisers and contributors know you saw their article or advertisement.

Also, get ready for the Parliament Street Giving Guide. This November in advance of the holidays we will be running the Giving guide. A special insert in the paper to give charities in the area to promote themselves to over 2500 homeowners in the area for the Holiday giving season.

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Montcrest School

Gardener Don

Weenen General Contracting

Cabbagetown Massage therapy

Cabbagetown BIA

Laird and Son

Momentum Montessori

Richard Silver


Double Take

Fair Trade Jewellry Co

Bostok Hathaway

Silver Birch Flooring

Tony Lafazanis Law

Haddad Hudson Law Offices

Gallery Arcturus

Epicure Shop

Cabbagetown Arts & Crafts

Buro Klaus

Hepburn Landscaping

Cabbagetown Carpentry

Ron Reaman

MHC Vintage

Genuine Auto Imports

Brando 416

Parliament Animal Hospital

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Fall Edition of PSN

Hello worthy readers. If you are reading this, you get the point. The whole premise of the Parliament Street News is to give anybody and everybody the chance to share a story. In the ever fractured … [Read More...]


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