Esplanade Residents/Businesses In Strong Opposition to Bike Lanes

(Toronto)  Residents and businesses are vehemently opposed to bike lanes proposed for The Esplanade west of Jarvis Street to Yonge Street. Bike lanes are currently planned for Spring 2022.

Things seem to be heating up in advance of an upcoming election only 14 months away. Residents and businesses in downtown toronto cite intense vehicular traffic supported by Toronto Transportation traffic data, vehicles transporting business to/from local restaurants, bars, stores, and hotels; loading dock obstruction for trucks servicing St. Lawrence Market, Postal Station A and Meridien Centre; nightmarish access  to EMS and TTC vehicles (witnessed during crane toppling), long rerouting and future congestion on Front Street and Church Street to residential underground parking; proposed raised ramp for seniors presents safety issues and traffic delays; and fast moving bikes pose safety threats to pedestrians and residents of 3 seniors buildings. There are an estimated 25 – 30 bikes using The Esplanade between Jarvis and Yonge per day while vehicles number up to 800+ per day.  Many residents and businesses claim it defies all common sense and democracy with Canada’s number 1 bike path located 500 metres south of The Esplanade.
Press Conference
Date/Time:     Sunday, August 8    11 am. 
Location:        The Esplanade/Church Street,
                         Northeast corner of intersection
All media are encouraged to contact Dana McKiel as soon as possible with confirmation of attendence. 
Residents, business owners and managers will be on site to speak and provide feedback. Toronto traffic data numbers will also be available.  
Media Contact: 
Dana McKiel,, Cell: 647-987-8539
About The Downtown Concerned Citizens Organization (DCCO)
The DCCO was organized by local residents and businesses after homeless shelters, heroin injection sites, and respite tents were causing tremendous crime and carnage on downtown neighbourhoods under the guise of COVID-19. The impact is still unfolding. DCCO registrants are also in strong opposition to bike lanes between Jarvis Street and Yonge Street citing obvious and common sensed reasons.
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