A magnificent Parkscape in Cabbagetown


We interrupt this moment in the never-ending news of multiple elections to bring you news of something beautiful, green, fresh and welcoming. The Cabbagetown Parkscape is coming soon, and will keep us all cool, green and shaded right through summer into early autumn.

The idea for the Cabbagetown Parkscape came to light in 2021, born of the initiative and efforts of former Cabbagetown BIA Executive Director Rick Matthews. More recently, former Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam rallied the troops, found sponsors, and connected the Cabbagetown BIA with Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds.

“The Cabbagetown Parkscape is designed to use nature to bring this vibrant community back together after two years of the pandemic,” said Adam Bienenstock, the Founder of Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds that designed and will build out the space. “We create these important urban natural oases, which we call Living Streets, across Canada and the United States as proof of concept that greener cities increase community cohesiveness, equitable access to nature and profitability of the local businesses without breaking the bank or breaking the rules. Connection to nature is not a problem to solve, it is the solution to the most pressing problems our cities face today.”

Cabbagetown Parkscape is sponsored by CentreCourt and Fitztrovia, Toronto-based award-winning home builders committed to sustainable living.

This initiative is vital for the economic recovery of Cabbagetown. It will bring together partners that will not only help us recover from the pandemic by attracting more visitors to our businesses, but offer a new and life-affirming approach to our urban landscape by connecting our community to nature.

We look forward to seeing and hearing a variety of exciting and wonderful homegrown arts and culture installations and performances available free to the public in the custom made stage area. Local businesses, community groups, artisans, performers, yogis, jam groups, meditation sessions, drum circles and much more will be welcome to book a time to share their art and collaborate with the community. Get in touch with us to learn more and to let us know what you may have in mind to bring to this space yourself.

Cabbagetown Parkscape by the numbers:

  • 250 seats added for business patrons
  • 20C surface temperature reduction in summer months
  • 50 per cent reduction of traffic volume
  • 50 per cent increase in retail foot traffic to local businesses
  • 100 new street trees and shrubs
  • 3,000 tons of natural materials
  • 130 truckloads of soil
  • 10 week installation
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