Contributed by Chris McNutt, Host of the McNuttiest Dimension Posdcast

Calling all starseeds, come in starseeds. The Galactic Federation would like to remind you of your mission here on earth.

Uh, sure buddy. What the hell’s a starseed? Well you are human and I’m human and all the other humans you know are also human – but not everyone comes from the same lineage so to speak. In fact, if you could look at the various possibilities of soul patterning pre-incarnation, like as in before any of us were born, then you’d discover that we all originate from a wide bandwidth of vibrational possibilities and lifeform lineages. That’s tricky from this human perspective given the amnesia wipe we get coming in, but you can still gather clues to your deeper origin during this human lifetime.

And in that exploration, some of you would discover your journey here as a “starseed”.

The starseed story starts that following the detonation and use of the first atomic bombs as weapons in World War II, when many of our galactic neighbors and relatives took notice and started to intervene in a way they hadn’t so recently. Yes, humans and all lifeforms should be left alone to develop as they see fit but this was a massive sign of immature consciousness that could not only blow the shit out of this entire planet, but the destruction would have ripple effects in the space-time fabric and other dimensions as well (physics too complicated to explain much less understand).

So the call went out to advanced souls throughout the galaxy and beyond, asking for volunteers to come incarnate on earth as humans and help raise the vibration of human consciousness.

Now wait a second, you might say – our consciousness level is just fine, thank you very much, you galactic busy-bodies can just stay home. Sure, but I think a planet consumed with violence, corruption, greed, wealth-distribution issues, poverty, and now environmental destruction could maybe use a bit of a consciousness upgrade if you know what I mean.

So starting after World War II “higher-vibrational” beings started to incarnate into human form and have been coming in regularly ever since. That first generation reached adulthood and started promoting love and peace and an end to the Vietnam War. The subsequent “starseed” waves have been fostering all kinds of new awareness and understanding about reality, science, health, consciousness, compassion, care for the planet and more ever since.

So if that galactic path resonates with you somehow, then maybe some deeper exploration into your own lineage and mission is in order. Welcome starseed. Happy Googling!

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