Beautiful Trends

Weenen-holiday-PSN-AD-2019Contributed by Kathy Flaxman for Weenen General Contracting — Construction has its own glamour! In fashion, hemlines and popular colours change and the building trades are the same! In keeping with traditional end of year assessments, Owen Robinson of Weenen General Contracting points out that for homes, a few trends have been important to note. “In cabinetry, two tone millwork is very popular now,” he says. “Homeowners will often choose to have a dark colour for an island and perhaps white for other parts of a kitchen. Or they might want white upper cabinets and choose a dark colour, perhaps a wood finish, for the lower cabinets. This is different from the all white kitchen that was everyone’s choice a few years ago.”
Laundry rooms are increasingly important with many features that make them truly impressive. “They now often feature quality cabinetry, backsplashes and countertops and are designed with almost as much attention as kitchens. Sometimes they are an almost an extension of the kitchen. This can make doing laundry more enjoyable,” Owen says.
The popular look for windows and doors has undergone change. “People like the appearance of industrial windows with steel or other metal trim,” Owen explains. “But since the cost of metal window frames is very high, they opt for wood frames and muntin bars that are painted black to give the same effect.”
“Each job we do is a showpiece,” Owen says. “We’re proud to be in such a creative business and very grateful to have such wonderful clients. We want to wish everyone a beautiful and Happy Holiday Season and all the best for the New Year coming up!”

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