Amazing place for our family!

The process of finding childcare is daunting for new parents, especially in Toronto. You start thinking about the needs of your future toddler when they are still an infant. We did a lot of research and applied at city-run and private facilities; playing the numbers to secure a spot.

My leave was near ending, we were growing concerned as we had nothing more than numbers on waiting lists. Momentum Montessori had left great impressions, and was our first choice, but they were completing their renovations. Fingers crossed, they would be finished before our child started.

Fate was working in our favour it seemed, as Momentum opened exactly as our child aged in!

Call us bias but our child is funny, energetic & sharp. As parents, we’ll be the first to admit that he can be a handful, but only because he is seeking new experiences and his brain moves fast. Momentum provides him with a safe environment to grow and explore. He can learn according to his interests, and at his own pace, which is often hyper-speed. We are able to see what is happening throughout the day, as we are sent updates, photos and videos via Brigthwheel. Our child lists his teachers when naming his friends in class.

Mere weeks into our child’s time at Momentum, our entire world was upended as COVID-19 forced the school into lock-down. We were worried. We had paid tuition up-front. Momentum had just re-opened. What would happen if the lockdown continued long-term? Administration addressed our concerns and kept an open line of communication with us. They even refunded a good portion of our deposit, which was huge for us.

A gesture of good-faith. With enthusiastic, warm, nurturing, and caring staff, communication & a sense of community Momentum Montessori has been an amazing place for our family!

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